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Explain this to me

After the Boost reset I attempted to boost my level 30 indoraptor to the max! It won’t let me go past 146 speed. It says I am maxed at 30/30 and could not boost my speed anymore. Ok fine. Twice since the reset I have been running into a lower level indoraptor with a speed of 152. How? I am sure there is a reason that escapes me!

Max is 30 boosts per dino (hp, attack, speed). So you reached available 30 boosts limit. Others probably boosted its speed more and hp & attack less.

You can only have a total of 30 boosts on 1 creature. If you’ve spent some boosts on attack and HP, you cannot max the speed

That is what I thought!

I am really proud of myself! After the boost reset I went from a whale to a FTP player! I was buying all incubators that basically had HC in them! I had stopped buying all other incubators IE: ones that only have DNA for several months now! I would buy the occasional blue one to finish my dailies! But I was buying every single boost offer no matter what! Even if I had to buy HC!

Since the reset I haven’t paid a dime to ludia!

I have very little expenses in my life due to my job so I could afford to drop real cash on the game!

I am sure losing one whale :whale: won’t hurt Ludia but it’s a start!


Mark me as a lost whale too. I bought many incubators and always bought the boosts. I also haven’t spent real cash on this game since the boost update. I imagine we are many and that is the reason this game is falling in the game rankings per the screen shots I see posted here on this forum.