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Explain this

I just battled an opponent with 2 level 27 dinos that crushed me. I immediately checked the profile and not one dino over level 15. How is this possible?

Some time there is a delay when the profile updates, they may have been testing other dinosaurs not long ago or done a tournament or strike tower with an alt team for added challenge.

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The problem is that profiles now will often show friendly battle team dinos instead of arena team. So if your opponent had level 27s on his arena team, but only level 15s on friendly team, you just happened to see the friendly team. They should add an option to view either team

I was looking through the leaderboard just before I read this thread, and sure enough the #1 ranked player had his friendly battle team showing.

All these new features showed great promise.

They got Ludia’d.

sad face

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I believe they added the friend team just so people can’t look at certain profile & be judgemental haha

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