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Explaining about vip


so i see see alot of people complaining about vip being not worth it, i bought vip myself and also was like: wait this is it? anyway people must realize that this game is new, it came out somewhere in march. looking at old videos from march jurassic world alive made the game change alot already. so give it some time to add more things. but secretly ludia is already giving more then they are saying! im here to tell you:

the drone range:

out of my own experience i saw that non vip has a range of around 143 meters while vip has 33% more. so lets do the math. 143 / 100 x 33 = 47.19 so that means that when u buy vip you should get 47.19 meters extra that comes to 190,19 meters but when u look at the range u actually get it will be around 200-203 meters.

drone battery:

im not sure how long the drone goes without vip nor with vip but i have the feeling its almost the same as the drone range dus 14 seconds non vip 20 second with vip. so thats tecnicly the same formula.

solutions to vip:

since i also bought vip i know its not alot you getting currently but its a new game take that in mind. im sure that in the future you will see more things to vip but i think there are some simple solutions that can make people happy currently: an weekly/monthly incubator. they are only facing 2 problems with the fans: what type incubator and how good must it be? cus an weekly RARE incubator will outbalance the people that cant spend money on the game, an monthly rare incubator seems a little bit long. but they also have to make it a decent incubator otherwise fans will still not like it. my guess would go for an weekly incubator that is between an rare and an free incubator, not more then 5 epics, not more then 10 rares and no more then 25 commons even if you are level 10 or higher.


“In the future” Like many of us have previously stated, there won’t be a future for this game if they don’t drop prices. People are purchasing a.t.m. because the game is new and exciting and they want to get some stuff fast. The moment the hype is over, funds will dry out and there won’t be coming new players because of all the bad reviews. If they don’t change prices real quick, JWA is to die prematurely…


and what types of prices, look an game like this begins (for example) with $10.000, with that they need to hire people who wants to make the models, the sounds and so on. it takes so much money to only begin an game like this since it also needed google maps. vip will get adjusted in a few months if not days since updates where pretty fast already

plus maybe they dont know what to add more to vip, its unfair to now drop the price to the ones who paid 10 dollars already, and they wont give u an refund since they should have spended it for more dinos/features


Idk how long you’ve been on the forum but if you just take about 5 minutes and look around, you’ll see literally 100+ people saying “if prices would drop, I’d buy for sure but now it’s just way too high”.
I’ll make it simple for you:
Price: €50; Consumers: 10.000
Price: €10; Consumers 800.000

Also, there have been countless suggestions on what to add to the VIP or how to make it worth the money more. Ludia isn’t listening, they just threw their game out here, said: “here you go, enjoy the game, now give us your money”. There is NO interaction between their developers and us gamers. If they cared about our opinions, they would interact with us and ask us what we like and what we don’t like or would like to see changed.


non VIP have 150 Range

VIP have 200 Range.

it is pretty simple but still a nice addition.


The range doesn’t make that much of a difference if you’re moving around anyway. The problem I have with the VIP and the game in general is there’s no way to increase your dart storage or your daily coin limit. VIP gives you extra at supply drops but if you still have same limit as other players there is no advantage unless you’re only playing a short bit each day. I hit the limit every day it seems the same as I did before signing up for VIP. It just happens quicker. Then once I’m at 140 darts there isn’t even a point to stopping at a supply drop.


I bought VIP myself when it got released and I’m glad I did it! Now I’m a free player and already miss that extra little distance. But yeah…reduce the price a bit or add some things like.the following:

  • Increase dart capacity from 140 to 280

  • Ability to do a Strike Event one additional time when you finished it, but lower the reward just a little bit the second time you complete it. Double fun. Double reward :slight_smile: