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Explaining the point of Smilodon's prowl. What happened to the cleanse?

Someone asked me what the point of Smilodon’s prowl was.
I said, it was to amplify the damage from Precise Pounce X2, give a priority cloak, and to stall to avoid a counter while cleansing.
The other person said, well would you not get the same damage from Evasive Strike X1?
I said sure, but Smilodon’s Precise Pounce works on cloak/dodge creatures 100%.
The other person said, yes, you have a crit chance of 55%.
While the Normal evasive strike should have a 50% chance to his the cloaked/dodge creature anyway with a 5% chance to crit so the with the evasive and then precise prowl you get the same damage out put over two turns guaranteed.
He also said the cleanse is not mentioned.
I had to look, and there is no longer a mention of a cleanse self. Did they take that away?

Both evasive strike and prowl give a 50% dodge. Except Prowl is a guaranteed to be used because it takes priority. While evasive strike relies on the 129 speed to work. Damage wise the damage output is possibly about the same against cloaking creatures, except many cloaking creatures have a distracting ability.
So his argument is against cloaking creatures is that the distract would sometimes hit Smilodon and stay on because the smilodon did a priority move of the prowl.
So Smilodon’s next hit would be distracted.
I thought about this, because it appears that “distraction” is effective, whether the hit it came did damage or not, so that person has a point.
So since the damage output is similar, I guess the advantage is priority cloaking against creatures with tying speeds or faster speeds as well as stalling against creatures you don’t want to hit because they have a good counter attack, especially if it that counter ignores dodges and cloaks.

Yes, mostly to avoid being counter attacked. You can also Prowl and then evasive strike to save your large hit for a better occasion.

I noticed there are quite some difference to the new creatures and moves after their initial announcement. Not sure if the patch notes were not up to date, or they changed them afterwards without further notice.

Yeah i noticed it doesn’t cleanse now as well and i haven’t seen it mentioned at all anywhere. Then again im mot always om the forums so its easily possible that i missed it. Anytime a developer changes something they should let the community know though.

There’s mention of the cleanse change in Metahub’s datamine

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I tested cleanse last time and it was fixed Smilodon and Marsupial Lion.

Ive not tested last version sad if it broke again or changed by choice.