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Dear Ludia,
2 weeks ago, I was logged out of my game and reset to level 1, after more than 2 years of play. It took you 6 days (!!) to fix this, and only after several attempts at communication. But you fixed it, you really did.

Now, though, I am logged out all over again. I got to play a grand total of three days before your mess fell apart again, and this time, I didn’t even click anything.

Respond in DM, please. I do not want to wait another week to get a resolution. I have the account name and number.


I’m sorry that happened, Brutusaurus. May I ask, was your game linked to either your Google Play or Facebook account? If so, please try linking back to them through the in-game Settings menu and see if you’re able to access your original save.

No, it was not, because I do not want to link to Facebook. The original issue happened because I clicked the in-game link to back up via Apple, which overwrote my Guest account with a new account.

If that’s the case, could I ask you to email our support team here at with your account name and number, if you haven’t already? Once our team gets a chance to review your information, they’ll try and get back to you as soon as they can, and assist you.

Thank you!

Thanks, I already have. It took them 6 (!!) days to fix it last time, and that’s only after posting here got a response. I am trying to expedite the resolution this time.

Just wondering, were you logging into JWA with an Apple Game Center ID before? If you have an older JWA account, you were probably logging in through Apple Game Center.

The Apple Game Center ID is totally different and separate from your Apple ID. Being able to log in to JWA with your Apple ID is relatively new. If you were using a Game Center ID for JWA, and then logged in to JWA with your Apple ID, it would create a new account.

But if you had a prior Game Center ID account, it’s still there.

I don’t know if this is relevant to your situation! But I’ve seen it happen before.