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Dear Ludia,
2 weeks ago, I was logged out of my game and reset to level 1, after more than 2 years of play. It took you 6 days (!!) to fix this, and only after several attempts at communication. But you fixed it, you really did.

Now, though, I am logged out all over again. I got to play a grand total of three days before your mess fell apart again, and this time, I didn’t even click anything.

Respond in DM, please. I do not want to wait another week to get a resolution. I have the account name and number.


I’m sorry that happened, Brutusaurus. May I ask, was your game linked to either your Google Play or Facebook account? If so, please try linking back to them through the in-game Settings menu and see if you’re able to access your original save.

No, it was not, because I do not want to link to Facebook. The original issue happened because I clicked the in-game link to back up via Apple, which overwrote my Guest account with a new account.

If that’s the case, could I ask you to email our support team here at with your account name and number, if you haven’t already? Once our team gets a chance to review your information, they’ll try and get back to you as soon as they can, and assist you.

Thank you!

Thanks, I already have. It took them 6 (!!) days to fix it last time, and that’s only after posting here got a response. I am trying to expedite the resolution this time.