Exploit Wound Revamp

Before 2.0 there was a move called Exploit Wound. It applied vulnerability and DoT. Should Ludia Revamp this move. Tell me down below.


Exploit Wound!

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I think Ludia should Revamp it because it’s such a cool move and the scaphotator,sucomimus,sarcosuchus and spinotasuchus should have it there perfect for it



Technically only the bleeding goat has a variation of the move atm. But it has some potential on counter attacking bleeders besides Spinocon. AlbertoS rework can potentially incorporate it

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I’ve never really understood this move TBH :rofl: What does it actually do?

It’s a move that simultaneously inflicted bleed and vulnerability on the enemy. Currently, nobody can do that anymore. It’s either bleed or vulnerable. I believe Indominus Rex used to have this move back in the day.

Rare Spino and Spinocon had it aswell and Spinotah too I think. Never really understood back then too but looking back it’s very useful on counter attackers like Dsun and Tarkus

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Not to mention that it could possibly be used on some Fierce creature now. It would be very good in this meta, even with vulnerability and bleed resistance.

I think Albertospinos would be able to utilize this, or maybe some future creature that’s supposed to specialize in one of the trades.

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I agree on other fierce having it since a majority of the meta resilients have a counter attack. It’d also be useful to stop the likes of Parat and Arcto getting back extra hp with their counters

I possibly have an idea for Albertospinos. I just have to go to the toolbox.

Here it is!
Edit: The None should be target opponent for Exploit Wound.

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