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Exploration and Breeding

I have been playing this game for a while, and I thoroughly enjoy it, I have a few minor gripes.

Exploration seems a bit over tuned? For example: The exploration mission claims that you need 3700 in power. I couldn't defeat it when I was 300 points higher. It took me until I was roughly a thousand points higher than the mission to be able to defeat it. (I've noticed the same difficulty at lower levels as well. Despite like 100 points higher than said mission, it's not possible to defeat it)

Breeding chance percentage. So, I've been trying for quite a while (Maybe a minimum of three weeks and back to back at that) to obtain a duplicate dragon (4*) in order to keep training. And I have yet to acquire the duplicate despite using the 4* dragon and a 3* dragon that only gives me three results. I understand needing a low chance to ensure grinding and whatnot, but needless to say, it's a bit aggravating. Maybe even in need of a little fine-tuning? It's not only the duplicates giving me difficulty, but obtaining 1* star dragons from cross-breeding to help finish collections.

Anyway, those are my gripes. Otherwise, as I’ve said, enjoy the game and intend to keep playing. :slight_smile:

It does take a very long time to get dupes through breeding. I did a 4* and a 3* of the same species and it took 24 goes back to back to get the dupe. 19 2* and 3 3*. If you have 2 of the 4* and breed them together much quicker - once I got it first time, on another occasion 6 goes. Now doing a 5* with a4* - wonder how long to get the 5* dupe?

I agree that the odds do seem a little too low, it takes a lot fish and a lot of time, particularly if you haven’t reached level 40 and so can’ t upgrade to the -25% off epic breed time…

As far as the 1 star cross breeds, breed any of the cross breed together and make a lower tier cross breed, breed that, repeat til you get 1 star. Shouldn’t take long even if all you have is 4 stars of that cross breed.