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Explore Mode “Approach the Mansion

In the first room of the first step, when a doppelgänger assumes the shape of one of my characters who is stunned, the game freezes on that NPC. There is no next turn. If I reboot the game, the game opens on the main screen and does not continue in the room. There is no way to continue the story in explore past the first room of that story.

Is it a certain character/ weapon combo that looks to cause this? For awhile game was freezing in secret rooms on saarvin Silverhand proc (looks to be fixed now). Narrowing down issue may help give Lydia better info to solve issue and give you a way to work around it in the meantime.

Nayeli for sure, but I’m not positive about the other character.

Hello Baladir,
I am sorry our game is freezing for you! If you haven’t already can you write to and include as many details about it as possible, and include your support key. It will help our team to investigate and try to fix the issue.
Thank you

I would suggest trying different gear or swap someone else in for nayeli. My guess is something is proccing to cause freeze. Not to say Ludia shouldn’t fix it, but may provide more info and give you a workaround.

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I should have been clearer. When the doppelgänger assumes the shape of a stunned Nayeli, nothing happens. The doppelgänger’s turn doesn’t end. The next character’s turn never happens. The screen doesn’t so much as freeze as much as the game just waits for the stunned doppelgänger Nayeli to do something which of course she can’t do anything because she is stunned :flushed:

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Good idea. Workarounds are good.

The few times I have been stuck in a loop (that Saarvin thing) I deleted the game and re-downloaded. That stopped me from returning immediately to the stuck point. Course like an idiot I got myself stuck 3 more times before I learned… :man_shrugging:t3: