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Explore mode stuck no gold

I have hit a boss i cant beat in explore and no more gold for upgrades. I get no gold from getting to the boss so i cant get gold to level up.
I just open the free chest now and then , is that it?

You didn’t specify what explore level it is, you can obviously use a weaker dungeon and hope to get gold that way from beating bosses. The arena chests and brawl chests also give gold. You do have the option of the campaign mode that doesn’t cost any gold and you actually get gold if you beat that certain level and even if you fail while still having the chest to get if you beat it. Hope this helps

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Maybe i am missing something Then , i have explore, battle and challenge modes. I am stuck at Soul of Frostsilver ( explore ). There is no other lower or weaker dungeon other then the free Challenge one every 5 hours. Failing the Soul of Frostsilver gives nothing at all. My heroes are 4 and 5 Frostsilver is 7 and wipes me. I have done PVP and got full chests waiting 3 hours for one to open.

Welcome to the grind and you get as much gold as you do exp on floors you beat

Ok thanks, well that was a fun app for 3 days, Delete.

Lol people are funny. I’m a free to play player. Never spent a penny in any mobile game.

In the beginning I hated the game. Came here to read the forums and learn quick that this game, for free players like me, is gonna be a matter of patience. So, I grind. And grind. And my toons are all L8 min. Main 4 are L9. Looking forward to the legendaries my lucky self scored. Epics galore. I’ve learned to gold manage pretty well. Best part is, I dont have to ever play this game, spend any brain power logging positions for anything, because, I dont need to play until a chest needs opening. I’m cool with that. Off to class royale while, yup, you guessed it, I grind :slight_smile:

PS: I’d take this grind/gameplay over what I had to do with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Never missed a damn second, always in, managing energy, doing all times events, managing Crystal’s, all this so I can keep up on the top 5, and, as free player :). Never again lol

To me f2p and now i m lvl 6 , u need grind rooms for increase u power team, Arena cest/ gift cest/ free room in challenge and explore… need Waste time only