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I know feathers are the most hot-button topic in this franchise but I wanted to hear the opinions of a place that isn’t reddit.

Ideally, I would add an option that makes a dinosaur 100% accurate, lips, feathers, toes, and all.

I think animals like Oviraptor, Deinocheirus, Utahraptor, etc would be a good introduction.

It would look amazing but a few issues might come up.

The current scientific thinking can change. Copyright issues mean Ludia paid for a particular IP including specific models. Feathers are high polygon counts pushing PC hardware this is a mobile game. The more accurate the lower the frame rate.


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Technically there are no actual dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise. There are genetically-engineered mutants that superficially resemble dinosaurs. So technically it’s not really scientifically inaccurate for the ‘raptors’ to lack feathers. :wink:


Well, yeah, I was filled with immense joy when I found out that Ornithomimus, Erlikosaurus, Pyroraptor, etc. are feathered, heck, they had an incubator called Feathers Forever a few months back.

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@Fanghur1123 While that is true, the effect of having the movie raptors along side feathered variants is a little jarring for me. It makes the JP raptors look very sickly, what with their featherless frames and shiny skin.

I’ve even started to refer to them specifically as “chemo raptors”, especially when I come up against a Lv 20 V.raptor in the arena when it’s 2 all. :expressionless:

You think that’s bad, in Jurassic World Evolution, you get to unlock the Deinonychus, which was the actual dinosaur they used to make the movie Raptors. In JWE, it’s smaller than the actual “Velociraptors”, and you can’t have a small pack of Deinonies in with a pack of Raptors, as the Velos like to hunt down the Deinonychus one by one.

At least this game attempts some sort of scientific truth in a few. Most larger dinos (like Lythronax or T-Rex) had a light covering of downy feathers, what scientists call “dino fuzz”.

If you dig around a bit, there is evidence that Wu at least tried to include feathers on the dinosaurs. But he eventually discovers that because the cloned dinosaurs have been spliced with so many different species that it’s created a “null allele” which thus gave the feathered dinosaurs scales.

The most support for this came from the “Ruffled Feathers” entry on the Masrani Backdoor site.

As for the Deinonychus, they, Frontier, likely had to make it look different from the Jurassic canon Velociraptor. And if it’s created with the dna of say, a salamander then the crest and the tadpole-esque look at least makes a very tiny bit of sense.

But then again, Dr.Wu is a madman.

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A madman he is. I thought the head crest on the Deinonychus in JWE made it look more like it had Cassowary DNA in it, rather than salamander.

BTW, it’s been confirmed that the “accident” left on Sorna was the Spino in JP3.