Express elevator to hell


So I’m sporting all level 5 and 6 common dinos in arena 7, I’m going down, for fun.

But what amazes me is when my level 5 common dino is toe to toe with your level 19 epic a lot of you still insist on using instant invincibility, ready to crush or regenerate as if I’m some kind of threat.

Weirdos. Haha :slight_smile:


Really? I ran into people doing the opposite. I was yelling "no! Annihilate my dinos! I need to lose! Please!":joy:


Hell, I encounter people who don’t use Einiasuchas’s heal when my Argentinosaurus or Stego slows it down. Or even if I throw another negative effect on it, no one heals. Like, guys, this ain’t Pokemon; how are you in Arena 4 right now?


To be fair, people don’t really know when or how to use Ready to Crush anyway. I love facing a Baryonyx. Most people will always start with a Ready to Crush no matter what and give me a free turn which in many occasions means one shotting it without getting damage at all :stuck_out_tongue:


When I’m intent on “pressing the down button” (so to speak), I just swap a lot & let folks beat on me like a rented mule.


I’d encourage you not to do it. It can get rather annoying for your opponent. You are letting them win all the same but if you only swap, you make it twice as boring for them, and it’s not their fault that you are downgrading…


I won a good handful of battles with level 1-5 from Arena 5 and down when I was descending to the lower arenas. Kind of astonishing, really.


I’m down to about 2300 trophies now and yeah my level 5’s are actually holding up quite well against level 11/13’s everything considered!

I can’t go down without some sort of fight haha.


Hmm, I haven’t gotten to use Baey yet. When should I use Ready to Crush?


Well it’s a tricky skill because if you pull it off, chances are you will do a huge amount of damage unless the opponent can counter you with a fast dinosaur. But it’s also a big risk because if you use it you are giving the opponent a free turn and there are many dinosaurs that can one shot the baryonyx (or two shot in case they are faster). Take for instance a raptor, a stunning dinosaur, a slowing dinosaur or simply a faster opponent that would get two free hits. You will go down without ever having the chance to strike at all.

I find ready to crush very useful against tanks with no slowing ability, you can easily one shot an ankylosaurus after using Ready to Crush. But because of all this, Baryonyx is very unreliable - in the right circumstance she will obliterate the enemy, but in the wrong one, she might be the cause for a fast defeat.


In order to use indominus rexs higher attack… You have to go invincible.

Well done for getting to arena 7 so quickly.


Hmm…Spino is no longer retired then, lol.


Just wanted to take the opportunity to point out that most of the opponents you’re facing are bots, not actual people, even if you’re going down in the rankings…


I guess that would make sense! There must be enough players though.

Is there any way to tell if your playing a bit? In the name or something? If not there should be!


There are 2 I know of for sure. R.OB.recording is one, and COM (with the capitalization) in the name.


Thanks, that’s helpful to know!


Have battled them both…


Baryonyx in indeed a tank breaker.

Best use I’ve found is to keep it in reserve against a wall (Anykylosaurus or Nodopatosaurus, for example). He’s useless against all raptors and similar dinosaurs, as they’ll 2-shot him in no time. He’s got a reasonable, though not guaranteed, to down a large theropod like Tyrannosaurus.

Do not swap him in unless in desperation against a tank. Move him in as a new dino. R2C is your first move, followed by the big hit; it usually hits in excess of 3K even at the introductory level of 11, goes through armor, and destroys shields. Also doesn’t tend to last too much longer on the field unless the follow-up opponent is low-damage or even another tank.


At the moment you always get a Bot after loosing twice in a row. So if you are downranking without victories you will fight Bots most of the time.