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Extra dodo incubator?

So I was out and about and I found this other rare strike tower. I haven’t seen anyone say anything about it so thought I would.

As you can see it’s a different dodo then before. The reward was the dodo incubator with the addition of the badge from the epic dodo strike tower.

Let me know if anyone else has found this one. Thx!

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This was definitely from today (Friday)

i did my second dodo

I found this extra dodo strike as well, though I only saw one all day which is weird

So there is 2 rare incubators on the map ? One of them is Dodo and the other is smilo, puru and Andrew ?

Whats the other badge or rewards for this one?

So I found one, but literally only one, it was very rare
Drove a few miles and barely saw any around
And for the rewards, it was basically a regular rare blue incubator, but with the dodo theme creatures, and the laugh and point badge

Same badge as yesterday, easier dodo. It’s another rare inc (looks like a 12-hour), yeah, but only one step. I only found one on the outskirts of town; covered quite a bit of ground before I spotted it.

Well I’m glad I did it then. I only saw one while at work today, and I figured I might as well take five minutes to take it on.


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Same on from the epic dodo boss