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Extra Epic Gear

Currently there is no value in Epic gear once it gets maxed out. Will we be able to request/donate it within guilds for gold and experience like all the other gear? Or how about allowing players to trade up Epic gear for Legendary gear? I don’t even care if it is a ridiculous exchange like 100 to 1 and only for the same category on the same hero. Like the Fighter can only trade Epic weapons for the corresponding Legendary weapon. Needs to be some answe other than having players hoard equipment of absolutely no value.


I was just thinking about the same thing - got my first level 8 epic (ranger bow!) and realised there was nothing left to strive for. Then I rolled a d20 and got more of them :slight_smile: definitely up for it being a ludicrous exchange ratio to legendary.


I’ve got a few epics at level 7, pick something else when I roll mor as level 8 gives no more stats but I’m thinking they may increase gear levels one day (will extra over 8 be there - hidden counter, or is it just wasted)

It stays counted, will show something like 288/0 or however many you have

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