Extra Load-out Option or 2

Ludia devs,

Do y’all mind if we get an extra load-out option or 2 that way we could choose our perspective team of Dinos right before battle during the countdown?

There are a couple of team combinations I’d like to try out without having to switch manually all the time.

Thank you

that would limit the already diminished diversity.

I don’t understand, how?

there are only a few really good dinos that basically everyone uses and this will allow them to pick which ever ones are the most boosted. like everyone will pick resilients, completley eradicating the cunning.

But what does having a “physical” interface have to do with what people choose to do with it?

Technically, they could do what you’re describing now, already.

I actually was interested in it for the opposite reason.

We have our pvp teams already, but it would be nice to have experimental or just “fun” teams to pick on the fly, without having to always rearrange things again.