Extra rewards after finishing The Pass

I completed the Tyrants Pass around 4 days ago, and after I did, I don’t see much purpose on doing missions not have a big incentive to even open the game. Yes, missions give you some giga dna, but the Giganyx is not even that good for me to grind for(in my opinion)

I honestly think there should be more, maybe smaller, rewards for players that have completed the battle pass. Even a small incubator that you unlock after certain amount of pass point of whatever have been acquired.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel like just the pass is not much, since it’s not really that hard to complete and it lasts such a long time.

Let me know if I’m just asking for too much or if any of you feel the same way please


Having recently finished it as well, it is a little disappointing that it doesn’t give something else. Perhaps some more (at present) Giga DNA?

I wrote in a similar post it actually seems like Ludia designed these battle passes with the idea that your average player isn’t gonna complete every daily/weekly with the new mission system.

I’d actually be ok with ranks after max offering even coins.

Atleast with daily missions your still getting giga dna. Weekly’s are just straight up not worth it for the little coins they offer.

Beware what you’re saying, because the only thing that will change will be the fact that it will become much harder to do it in the future. Remember when some guys where saying raids were too easy??? Well we pay the price now, because newer raids are harder.

So when you complaint that passes can be done too quickly? Guess what will happen next… This was the first time. It was free, and we could do it quickly… I just hope the next ones will be the same, and nobody will complaint about them being so!..

I will also add that for hardcore players, in a good alliance, yep, you could do it quickly, but you have to think about lower level players who may not be able to do them all that easily, even doing friendly and all…


I hope the pass data accumulates for the next one.

Yeah, everyone that plays every single day has finished. There will still be a lot of players that do not finish but they will get close to the end for the best rewards. If the game is getting board and you don’t know what to do get your team to tier 10 on both weekly missions and grind the tournaments on the weekends and get your team to T10 on rewards that should keep you busy.

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