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Extra Spins for dinonucks

I have done this multiple times by accident and have lost several thousand dinonucks from it. Lost 2500 this morning from the super rare event and there is no way 2500 dinonucks is worth any super rare Dino. Is there anyway to disable or am I SOL and just have to be careful.

Join the club. We have all done it. Some more than once. Be carefull

I think it’s kinda bs and you cannot close the game before spinning to undo it. It simply lets you join back and tell you what item your overpriced bucks got you.

2500 for a Euoplocehalus.……

Shiny button…I must look away.

@jm404k unfortunately I don’t there is anyway to disable that little button. You are not the only one who has fallen for it by accident. I did it once too… :pensive: Just have to be careful going forward I guess…