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Extra week of blue?

Indo G2 must be a real money spinner that we get an extra week of blue. 700 more DNA for evolving and boost buying.

It runs until 13th, same as alliance rewards.

Don’t be so blue about it.


I took my indoraptor gen 2 to level 20 as I do all legendary creatures. Now I’m just collecting Blue for nothing. Very unlikely it’ll get a second hybrid.

I wonder why they made the alliance rewards and Blue so long? They could’ve done some better dinos all around. The alliance rewards are junk too.

Indo Gen 2 is already a Super Hybrid which means it will not get a Unique hybrid.

I know it won’t get one but I’m saying I bet Blue will not get another hybrid.

Ah I see. So how come you only ever get Legendaries to lvl 20?

I’ll take any extra dna for things i will be leveling up. Smilo, dracorex (finally made rinex thanks to this), marsupial, enteledon (has hybrid potential), lythronax and tanny.
Tho this is a long time for these rewards. it’s getting stale.

I guess it’s just for viewing my collection lol. I take epics to 15 unless they evolve. But I’ve taken sarco and thyla to 25 but I don’t use them. I take legendaries to 20 unless I use them. Monomimus was 22 before it’s death and hybrid. Stegodeus is 30 and utasinoraptor is less than 100 dna from 30. I may start taking legendaries that don’t evolve to level 25.

True but I don’t plan on using any of them.

Turtle cat I unlocked but not leveling it because I am waiting on the other turtle hybrid to get a unique. So I’m saving that turtle dna for that.

Utarinex I don’t like. Mine is 22 my utasinoraptor is less than 100 dna for level 30.

I’ve got the marsupial lion hybrid to 25 and haven’t used it.

The pig, yeah that’s the only decent one on there for me. We don’t know how high it’s hybrid will be. I stopped my pig at level 10.

Lythronax hybrid is 24 waiting on more grypo but I won’t use it anyway.

Quetzorion is 24 needing quetz but I don’t plan on using it I’m my team neither.

With all the decent dinos you said you AREN’T using, I’d be really interested in which ones you actually do use.

Sidenote: I share your view on Utasinoraptor vs. Utarinex.

In a backward sort of way it had its Unique already before the Legendary.

Team hasn’t changed in forever. I think I took dioraja out and put maxima in as my last change.

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