Extreme GPS problems

Is anyone else having extremely bad GPS problems whether you’re walking/riding in a car? For the past 3 days my app has been staying in one location and refuses to move unless if I close the app and then reopen it, then it just does it again. I’ve tried uninstalling it and even resetting my phone. It constantly does this even though I have full bars and there is nothing wrong with location services for any of my other apps.

Its an issue I’ve started experiencing, though it’s not nearly as frequent as my friends. Its been like that for them for almost two months.

I started experiencing that today. My GPS is crap! Takes such a long time to locate where I am. Ludia neeeds to fix this!

I’ve only had it freeze location on me once, but if I’m sitting still it moves me around quite a bit, bouncing around 10 meters radius from where I’m really sitting. Twitching like Zoidberg when someone mentions food. That started with 1.4.

I have the same problem know, does anyone know what i have to do too fix it? Or still you have the problem. It spawns me miles away where i’m realy am and when i walk around it just dont want to go to my position
I doesn’t think that my samsung note 9 is to weak😅

I am having the same problem and I have found a workaround. What works for me is, I open google maps, pick random location and I start navigation to that place. Then, my in-game location matches the real one.

Ok thank you. I will try it