Extreme Velociraptor DNA needs

If it’s this much just to get one power-up for the Indominus, it scares me how much is needed to get the Indoraptor, needing to first get the Indominus to 20 AND THEN get the Velociraptor and Indominus DNA for it…


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Better not to forget TRex here. He’s very rare find now(after 1.5)


2000 per fuse on indo😅

Welcome to the grindstone.


He’s 14, halfway to 15.

I’ll be making sure to get all 6 catches once the day comes for his daily.

Good god, this grind…

My first 5 fuses on Indoraptor were 10 DNA. Want to see my wrist scars?


500 per fuse for indominus. Then 2000 for indoraptor. Velociraptor is the biggest grind in the game.

if only there had been a velociraptor event this week!


36 freebies just a couple days ago!


last night to level up my indo from 24 to 25 between getting the dna of I Rex and Indo i went through 40k raptor dna if that gives you a good idea

Im sitting on 40k worth of velo not sure what to do with it

If you could find them. I think I saw 4 in total? Luckily, I live around a lot of bus/metro/train stations, so they’re everywhere.

I was lucky enough to max out both velo & kapro’s so far… My closest park has 12 spawn points plus a few on the way.
Yes, 500 velo per I-Rex attempt is disheartening

One indoraptor attempt= 50 irex (~2000 velo) + 2000 velo
Unlocking Indo ~40,000 velo DNA assuming you occasionally get a 20 on your combine…
Creating Indo = precious!
Watching Indo dodge 3x = priceless!
Watching Indo dodge 0x = reality these days…

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Got as many as I could.

Just blew my entire load of 40K velociraptor dna… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To unlock Indoraptor
Velociraptor DNA needed Min to Max: 46,250~191,750
34,250 for LV 20
1,000~10,000 for Indominus Rex
3,500~35,000 fo LV 20 Indominus Rex
7,000~112,500 for Indoraptor

That’s absolutely horrible…