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Extremely irritating glitch


So I was on the ‘waiting for opponent’ screen in battle arena 2. The timer runs out, so I assume there was a connectivity issue and I will need to try again. I pressed the back button on my phone to escape the timer screen which has been sitting at 0min 0sec, and I’m prompted to exit the game. So I fully close down the game, and wait for it to load up again.

Upon reloading I am immediately thrown into a battle where half of my team has already been wiped out, and the 3rd dino is half dead also. I manage to take out one of my opponents dinos before being defeated.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? This was only the second time I have ever lost a battle so I found it extremely frustrating. I was hoping to report the issue, but this is the only place I could find to share it.


I have had this issue several times, usually it’s your internet connection lagging and then the fame getting confused and playing catch-up. If you get it just reload right away and try and get it before more than 2 moves pass (1:30)