F2P hits a brick wall around Snarlclaw

I’ve noticed as a F2P player that at only a couple of hours into the game, my progress seems to have halted completely

My main method of getting resources has been the explorations, but once those get 2 levels above you that no longer becomes a viable farming method. PVP is a bust because I can’t level my heroes equally, and getting stuck with my level 3 against a team of level 5s is a huge disadvantage

My only course of progress at this point seems to be checking in every 3 hours for maybe 20 coins from PVP, or doing the challenges once a day and praying for a good roll. All of this would be helped greatly if the devs only allowed you to redo exploration missions to farm gold. I don’t mind lagging behind other players who pay for the game, but its frustrating to see my progression hit a brick wall this early


The game can be pain stakingly slow even for P2P players I p2p but being VIP can be rewarding as you gain extra gold by finding VIP tickets during the dungeon sometimes I might even find 2 tickets during dungeon and when dungeon is completed my highest so far with the VIP tickets has been 6.1K maybe reconsidered becoming VIP just to make a little more progress than what you making at the moment @Saintsquid

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VIP is a huge help. I bought it, the intro bundle and the $7 Wizard pack and haven’t looked back. The real wall is level 10. Past it the xp to level really ramps up.

Agreed… I dropped 20 bucks in already and getting my ass handed to me on snarlclaw lvl… should be an area to farm w/o p2p

IMO VIP isn’t worth $10 a month.
That’s insane. In terms of monetary value compared to other games you aren’t getting jack.
I’d consider $10 for 6 months but a month?
I don’t care how big a wall I run into. I won’t allow a game to essentially black mail me into paying them to progress.


Warriors of Waterdeep has many different modes to gain XP and Gold. To get the most out of the game do not limit play to only one mode. Look at what quests are available from Laeral, this might help you decide which heroes to use and which game modes to play.

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I don’t see any modes. Just two different game types. PVP, and “Explore”. You are failing to address the extreme halt around this stage unless you drop an absurd amount of money (relative to the quality of play/enjoyment, and actual gain) The game is actually begging you to grind, but not actually allowing you to with no replay. Very disappointing. Definitely won’t be paying a dime into a game model like this. This is a blatant cash grab but so much potential. It’s a pay game. which is fine, but $10/mo? Thats about the same i pay for PSN, or Xbox fees. I appreciate the ambition here, but IMO an overreach.

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I’m on my 2nd month of VIP, the gold/extra gems helps, my highest is level 9, but I’m also running mostly level 2 or level 3 epic items on everyone that can use epic and I’m almost to the dragon (2 turn dominate monster is so helpful with owlbears)

VIP is definitely not necessary. Save your gems and get a 1000 gold. Before you spend it. Double check who needs what.

Always recommend upgrading the equipment you have equipped first. Only upgrade the stuff not equipped when you are close to leveling up or you have spare gold to bank.

Try to clear your quests before they pile up. I wouldn’t recommend clearing them off the quest board though, you’re going to need everything. They give good gold rewards and the packs have decent rewards too.

I just spent two weeks grinding out 7k gold and 300 gems to get my first level 8. Less than 3 days later I’ve 3 more lvl 8s. I believe I bought 450 gems to help me through that particular part of the game iirc