F4F and lvl 40 spinoraptor

I don’t know if anybody is interested in this, but I’ll post it anyway. Finally making spinotasuchus, I decided to make a small experiment before fusing spinoraptor. I had lvl 31 spinoraptor ready and waiting in the 2nd fusion chamber for almost a week, waiting for the right opportunity and some more food (few coin to food trades lately). I remember worrying when making tapejalocephalus like half a year ago, if my lvl 40 tapejalosaurus (a lot higher ferocity than the rest of my lineup) would have an impact on ferocity in upcoming or ongoing events when it was already in the fusion chamber. Today I started the 1st battle in F4F before taking lvl 31 spinoraptor out of the fusion chamber. The battle was difficult and I wasted my best creatures without winning. Then taking spinoraptor out of the fusion chamber, feeding it to lvl 40 and winning the battle. Then putting it right back into the fusion chamber, without opening the 2nd battle. I guess it would be more interesting if I opened the battle before fusing it, but I want to finish COT as soon as possible, and I didn’t want to make F4F impossible. The next two battles was a walk in the park, using my usual work horses lvl 10 diplosuchuses, lvl 3 dimetrocarnuses and lvl 1 tapejalocephaluses, not needing my little higher level dinosaurs and without any funny attack - block - reserve pattern from the AI. Unfortunately I didn’t screen shoot the opponent teams, but I have the stats from my “nerdy” notes that I write in difficult events.

1st battle:
Carnivore: H 8355, A 2137, feocity 15193.
Herbivore: H 7256, A 1855, ferocity 13192.
Carnivore: H 6428, A 2455, ferocity 14284.

2nd battle:
Herbivore: H 7351, A 2297, ferocity 14701.
Herbivore: H 5852, A 1829, ferocity 11704.
Amphibium: H 5872, A 2243, ferocity 13044.

3rd battle:
Carnivore: H 7705, A 2408, ferocity 15411
Herbivore: H 6022, A 1882, ferocity 12044.
Carnivore: H 3503, A 3284, ferocity 14012.

For reference my highest creature has ferocity 4690. I’m sorry if this was totally uninteresting, but it at least shows that whatever is in the fusion chamber most likely has no effect on the ferocity in PvE.