Fabled Fangs is a precise move, but is not listed as such

The description does not state that it’s a precise move, yet it pierces through any type of evasion, including 100% dodge moves such as Sidestep. Please update the tool tip, it’s already a chore trying to remember what moves can and cannot do in the current game.


Thanks for letting me know… Wish I knew this vs SpinoC earlier. Happy to use it now.


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The icon for the move pretty clearly identifies it as precise though

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Fabled Fangs is a precise move as indicated by the icon above the move


Ive complained before, I’ll keep complaining about it, the movesets are ridiculously too long. Here we have a move that doesnt even state the move correctly, and we are supposed to now rely on understanding EXACTLY what these icons mean now. Get real. Good for you if you understand it all, paragraph long moves AND icons. Youre in the 5% group


The icon says nothing. The description determines what it does. Like the cunning strike shows nullify but doesn’t remove all positive effects like the actual nullify does.(shields f/I) Moves are way to complex nowadays for the 30 seconds you have to decide

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