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Face off screen & timeout

Hi all,

Am I the only one noticing an increase in timeouts since the release of 2.2? I like being able to know my opponent has about the same current trophies as I have but I suspect player quitting the battle when they see someone with more trophies than them. It would have been much better to learn all the relevant informations about your opponent after the battle. Am I off the mark?


Your correct… seen a similar topic get locked.

Not only does it give people a reason for match time outs.

But it’s also a great way to entice win trading.

I had not thought of that indeed… Another issue brought by those face off screens!

Having this problem with the tourney constant played maybe 3 battles won two lost one trying to get my takedowns just stops on the carnival background and eventually times out no timer even shows your opponent sometimes then still times out :confounded:

Have the timeouts been reported to the development team? @Ned

Hey th3g3ntl3m4n, if you’re noticing an increase in issues with your battles since the last update. Could I ask you to email our team at with your support key? It’d allow our team to gather more information.


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This is not just a support issue this is a design issue as well. There is always a chance of a timeout happening the question is what does the game want to do then. Sending you back to the map is an option so is starting a AI battle instead?

I am currently on my 13th attempt to start a match and every single one has timed out. The last few have all been the same player. Again a design topic, if someone is not connecting multiple time in a row take them out of the pool and give them an AI for a match then bring them back into the battle pool.

Sometimes the RNG battles mean it takes 5-10 battles to get a win for an incubator, if that is going to take 5-10 + each attempt taking 5+ attempts to just get a battle started we are talking about a seriously long time for something which should just take 2 minutes if you gave an AI battle instead.

it would be nice to have an official answer how the system works @Ned

what happens when i close the app when seeing to whom i am up against in the face of screen.

  • does that cause a time out for both of us?
  • am i put in the battle but with no possibility to act -> easy win for the opponent?

if the first possibility is the case then this should be changed.
in my opinion it has to count as win for my opponent

This is getting ridiculous now.

Battle #1 - blank arena
Battle #2 - timeout
Battle #3 - timeout
Battle #4 - blank arena
Battle #5 - blank arena

How has Ludia @E.D not fixed this yet?

I am not going to name names but I have had “timeouts” about 20 times from the same 3 people. They are 100% exiting on the faceoff name/standing screen. Give me AI in their replacement please, I only want my incubator.

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