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Facebook account over lap my google

So I had a JWA Facebook account and a Google account, I got my Google account up to level 13 and decided to see what the link with friend on Facebook was, it asked to switch accounts and I said yes. What I didn’t realize was that the Facebook account is now overtaking the Google and no matter how I loggin all I can access is the Facebook account. HELP!! I have done numerous support request for ludia and Noone helps me I haven’t heard back at all other than a Automatic reply from a computer.

Hey JoanieChase, I’m sorry to hear that happened. From the in-game Settings, there should be an option for Facebook and Google Play. If you tap on the Facebook button, it should disconnect your game from Facebook.

I go into the settings an log out of Facebook and log in Google and it’s still my Facebook account, it’s like the Facebook account is over top of Google account. When I log in with Google it shows the Google k e icon and says welcome: my Google name but it is my Facebook account.
I feel like the fix can’t be done on my side I need help from your side.
But thanks for the try.

When you log in through with just Google Play, does the Facebook button still show as connected from the in-game Settings?

No, it has a red disconnect under Google and a green connect under facebook.

I Have tried Uninstalling the JWA app and Facebook app and reinstalling JWA then logging in an no luck

Hmm, that is very strange. If you had already reached out to our support team, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this to see what might have happened. :mag:

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your ticket before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

Okay, thank u.

So it’s going on almost 2 weeks and still nothing from ludia support. Any clue how long this is going to take??

Hey JoanieChase, I’ve sent you a private message here on the forums.

I had a similar issue. It was a mess. I had 2 accounts. A Facebook log in and a game center log in with my Apple ID.

I was going around darting my event Dinos and switching at each one so both accounts got it. I thought it took too long to close my app and turn game center on/off so I decided to go into settings while logged into my game center account (my main) and I hit the link with Facebook thing.

Man, so what this did was override my main account on game center and made my alt account my game center account as well as Facebook log in. No matter what I did by logging out of Facebook and trying to log in with Game Center. Or turning Game Center on or off and trying. All roads ended with my alt being the only account I could log into! It was a mess. So for like a week I couldn’t log into my main account. I was freaking out.

I had to contact support and they had me create a new guest account. Provide my main account numbers support key as well as the support key for my guest account. They pulled my data from the main account and put it to the guest account. Then I was able to get my profile back for my main. They separated the 2 accounts.

Now my main account is through Facebook and my alt is through game center. It’s backwards from how it was originally but I could care less as long as I’m able to access both accounts.

Don’t fear that your account is forever lost and gone because it’s not. As long as you have your support key you are ok.

If you haven’t already tried, go into your phone settings and turn off your google play account fully. Then long in with Facebook. See if that fixes it. You can also go into Facebook on their website and go into the settings there to find your apps Facebook is linked to and completely delete and forget that it is linked to it. Maybe that will help.

Whatever you do, make sure you have your support key for your account always. Then ludia support can help you out.

I feel your frustrations and I hope they can help you out.