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This is a long shot, but you guys managed to get me my How to train your dragon: Titans uprising back. I had my Facebook account hacked and cannot log into it anymore and I think I must’ve been logged into JWA account with it. I don’t have access to my key and can only recall my name was Blackfyre. That’s all I have other than some random screenshots I took of dinosaurs. I understand if you cannot help.

Blackfyre#5490 was my IGN

This does seem like an issue but you have placed this topic in the Jurassic World Alive Category instead of the How To Train Your Dragon: Titan Uprising category.

not rly
he has a problem regarding jwa

that part was just like, “since u helped me with this, can u help me with this?”

I have a Jurassic world alive game that I would like recovered if at all possible.

Lydia did help me with my other game attached to Facebook and I was hopeful I could get this one back as well. I don’t think I will ever get my Facebook account back.

Yes. Thank you for pointing that out. I can see why someone would be confused. I’ve had that Facebook account since 2006 and am pretty devastated that some random has access to all my memories and I don’t. Facebook hasn’t helped me at all. I can’t speak to an actual person.

I’m willing to start over, but it’s quite the grind to get dna for uniques.

Should have read the whole post :man_facepalming: My suggestion is to contact Ludia Support and they could probably help you. All you need to know is your JWA account name/JWA account numbers. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry that happened with your Facebook account, Nicole_Irwin. As MINMI had suggested, please reach out to our support team at with your game account information, and our team would be happy to try and help you.


Thank you! Fingers crossed!