Facebook log-in credentials repeatedly being required now

Every few hours, the game is now logging me out, and is putting up an applet asking me to MANUALLY enter my Facebook credentials. Then, when I do that, the game says “you are already logged into Facebook”. It always used to remember them and automatically log me in under Facebook when I started RoB. What changed, and why doesn’t the applet remember my username and password anymore? I can log into Facebook itself without having to enter my credentials, why not RoB?

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Hey there Darwin! Sorry that you’re experiencing this, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try!

  1. Open the Facebook App
  2. Tap the Menu Hamburger (3 lines)
  3. Tap “Account Settings”
  4. Tap “Apps”
  5. Tap “Logged in with Facebook”
  6. Select the “Expired” tab
  7. Select the app in the list of apps
  8. Tap the blue “Renew Access” button

And if you are on an iOS device:
Go into ‘Settings’ > ’Facebook’, click on your Facebook account and then “delete”. (This will not delete your Facebook account itself, it only removes it from your device). Afterward, re-add your Facebook account.

A few players have reported this happening and it seems that Facebook does expire old login credentials sometimes so this should help.
Let us know if it works!

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