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Facebook login bug

Anyone encountered a problem with the Facebook login? The app has requested I login again using Facebook- expect the attempt failed and the app has reset me to zero and I have lost everything!



Yep. I just tried open my game and having the same problem.


Ludia, we have a huge issue here…


Vikings, Facebook is currently down and experiencing issues, this may affect players who log in through Facebook. When Facebook is back up, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience!


Hey, I just looked real quick. It looks like Facebook is experiencing a lot of bugs and people can’t use their apps and stuff


Yup. Me too. I will be mad if this doesn’t get resolved. Gonna miss the clan battle too.


Happened to me too but I don’t use Facebook I have just used my Apple ID/ Game Center! What is going on!?! Everything gone, freaking out just a little


I don’t think I have ever used Facebook as a log in. I haven’t used Facebook in over 2 years whenever I log on it comes up as Game Center.


Yep, I logged in with game centre when Facebook failed and the KABOOM, everything wiped clean.

I’m really nervous about this as I am one of the folk who have put a huge amount of resources into this game in the last 18 months. :frowning:


Me too! I’ve been playing since it came out. Countless 5 stars maxed out almost every team is over 8000. Am a Fight Club Member. Maybe that could help restore or make them give players help recovering what we may very well lose!


Yes, I’m a flight club member, too.

Multiple 5-star dragons and I am working on the celebrants and revellers etc. And I had just managed to get second and third copies of SKITTERBUGS last week, too. :man_facepalming:t2:

Here’s hoping it can all be rescued. :pray:t2:


I have all and their 2nd and 3rd cards just haven’t maxed them out yet. I am finding it funny that when people said they haven’t used Facebook but are having same issue no moderator has responded to that assertion.

And… relax ….

Have you managed to recover your teams? :pray:t2:

With Google play login no problems all the time ^^
I did not login with Facebook.

Nope! Even forced close still at new player walk through. You get yours? I’m scared if I go further into game it will hinder the shred of hope I have it will happen.

well how many days this might last

Who knows! They are actively ignoring any other posts since the moderator made mention of it being a Facebook issue. Despite the fact some people never used Facebook or that even worse they have lost everything they had prior to this issue. Love the game but if I don’t get my game back I will never play again!

You are right

Hey everyone! For anyone still experiencing login issues, please reach out to our support team at so they can assist you directly.

Thank you!

Two days later. Facebook was only out 6-8 hours, you guys really care about your players😒

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