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Facebook login is broken

Screenshot_20201001-155546_JW Alive

and when try to write my stuff this appears

Hey @Kittanie, please make sure Jurassic World Alive to access your Facebook information by turning on the App in your device’s Privacy settings. If it already had previous access, our FAQ here provides steps that can help.

If you’re still unable to login with Facebook, please send an email to our support team at so they can provide additional troubleshooting. Thank you!

@Ronald it’s not even in expired but still in active so can’t re-activate.

was ingame 2 hours ago logged off to go on another account then this happened.

edit: problem seems fixed on it’s own

It’s good to know that the problem is fixed. If you encounter the same problem again, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, there is some thing wrong with the account binding for sure since there are multiple public reports here and other places. I’m still getting the “We are having trouble connecting to our servers” error and it’s been over two days. There’s nothing wrong with the facebook token and I’ve already tried steps here

Yes, uninstall, reinstall, etc and nothing’s worked. It’s specifically with this particular fb account because others can sign in with their fb account. I’ve already submitted a ticket but no answer for about a day now. Hope it gets fixed soon, thank you! Please let me know if there’s anything else to try.


still having that connection error :confused:

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was able to login after 3 days lol

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