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Facebook Login Issues Affecting Playing JWTG

Help Help! Someone hacked my FB account whcih I used to sign up for JWTG. I recovered it, but they set two factor authentication on it, so I can’t log in to the game!! i submitted ID forms to facebook but no response.

I am somewhat concerned that I won’t be able to recover the facebook account. Is there a way then to recover my game account, without losing my considerable progress over the last 2 years?

Hi there wgrc1971! I recommend contacting our team directly at so they can see what can be done. Thank you!

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Thank you. I will reach out to them!!!


That is no bueno (“not good” don’t want the moderators to have to translate).


Yep not happy… :frowning: So much progress in the game. (Not to mention losing the FB account). And reading online, FB has not been particularly helpful for those with this predicament)

I am really hoping Ludia can switch my game to a direct login without a loss of two years effort!!

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As long as you have your support key, they can help you.

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That’s good! I’ve submitted and I have the Support Key so that’s good news! Especially since from what I read about the facebook issue, it may never come back (many people who have this happen never get ay support from Facebook on it…)

I got my Facebook account back. If this happens to you just keep trying Facebook’s forms. They eventually responded!

If they hadn’t I did talk to Ludia, and via that support key they would have been able restore my game to a different account! Good to know!