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Faced my first Indoraptor (player controlled)


So I was in the arena today and FINALLY came up against an indoraptor (I did beat the level 30 Indoraptor epic strike event though), I had level 20 raptor and he had level 21 I-raptor…well he didn’t dodge a single time, took a pounce and was killed by strike LOL.

While it was super easy to beat it (mainly due to luck, I’m sure the match woulda been MUCH different had he dodged!) but I have to admit that when it came creepily crawling out towards me, I got legit scared LOL.
Kinda reminded me of when I first played World of Warcraft and I was on a little farm and a pack of Worgen (werewolves) came running at me from out of know where, scared me half to death…I ran for my life but they got me LOL


They should’ve used cleansing impact, dodging when you could get a kill is stupid.

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Yeah he was level 21 so its possible he only just got it (id like to hope so after reading your post >.<) and therefore didn’t know how to utilise an Indoraptor!


LOL, I remember so well… until I got my own Indoraptor I sometimes got a similar feeling :smile:

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