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I was wondering why I found a wild diplodocus until I saw this hot mess. Thanks Ludia!


The night intern strikes again.


My Diplodocus. What sharp teeth you have. :wink:


I got a Diploducus from a 5 minute scent in a park this morning.


I hope I have better luck this time. When the hybrid pursuit includes an epic, I usually have a rough time. :disappointed_relieved:


Lol why bother helping ludia close their loophole? when they didn’t even bother giving away premium incs to you.

Well, they both start with Diplo so…

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I just did also but not in a park. Weird.

If Diplovenator was made with Diplodocus, do you think it would have the long neck, or Diplocaulus’s body and just the head of a Diplodocus? Either way, I’d name it DiploDiplo and it would be unstoppable.

Also, since I haven’t been out hunting yet, is it the graphic that is wrong or the text? @Ned @Jorge

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Diplodocus looks smaller and scarier than i thought it was…maybe they evolved?

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I’m assuming the graphic is correct and the text is wrong, along with the dino that was “switched on” this week. If Geminititan was the featured dino, then Arambourgiana or the rare Koolasuchus would come out before the Diplodocus would.

Those Diplocaulus are going to spam my Rare Scent tomorrow while I go visit L2…

Thanks for letting us know, Somedinoguy and Dankysaurus. I’ll forward this to our team. :slight_smile:

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If y’all wish to help ludia minimize both their loss and your gain, please, by all means you noble people :slight_smile:

No rush Ned. People don’t seem to mind. There are other more pressing matters that the team needs to attend to, but I don’t need to remind you of that I’m sure :slight_smile: