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Facts about JWA

  1. Triceratops Gen 2 was the first event creature
  2. Erlikosaurus was never an event creature
  3. The reason you can’t find T-Rex is because they are mostly found in incubators
  4. Ludia doesn’t care about echo.
  5. There are only 2 creatures that have only one move that attacks Miragaia and Irritator Gen 2

The rest of the facts were eaten by an Gorgosaurus, that’s all the time he have for now

If this post gets 6 likes, there would be a part 2.


Facts about JWA Part 2
6. There are more bugs in the game than stars in the sky.
7. Velociraptor shouldn’t be the fastest creature, but it is.
8. Over 60% of the dinos in a full collection have hybrids.
9. The game is luck based.
10. Ludia will keep the strike tower glitch.


Even more facts on JWA

  1. Ranking high up on the leaderboard used to be directly related to how high leveled one’s Stegodeus was.
  2. The rare Utahraptor appears to be more abundant than the common Velociraptor in the wild.
  3. Tanycolagreus used to be able to beat Indoraptor head on in battles.
  4. Monolophosaurus and Pyroraptor can stack their distractions to have 0 damage done to them.
  5. Once a useless dinosaur, Dracorex Gen 2 is now considered apex tier due to its swap in shattering rampage, a very useful skill in battles.

16.Trykosaurus is the most expensive creature to make

  1. First featured week went common > rare > epic > common > common > rare > common
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@Memerio heres the first one :sweat_smile:

  1. Much like Monomimus; Dracorex Gen 2 will innevitably recieve a nerf due to a ‘gross oversight’ which will infuraite people who spent coin on it but make those of us who care about game balance much happier.

  2. Ludia introduce new dinosaurs an hybrids solely to distract from the bugs and issues of their game, despite making it obvious that they have the time to programme them in yet choose not to use any of that time on bug fixes.

  3. Arena is not a fun game mode. It is a chore to get incubators and complete daily missions.

  1. Day/Dawn/Dusk epics in the 4 local zones are quite rare.
  1. Coins are rendered useless until you get to level 5.