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Failed but won a level (yes, I know, it sounds controversial, and it is just as it sounds); levelling up glitch

Yesterday, I tried my luck with level 33 of the Burning Barrens, lost against the Red Death, waited to get enough energy, then tried again. I lost the battle, but it had a negative number in the “damage dealt” to the Red Death dragon. What does that mean, did I pass, or not pass? It’s sort of contradictory. But it told me I lost, and when given the option to stay in battle for 10 energy, I didn’t have it. So, battle was supposedly lost. Suddenly, the level changed as if I had passed it, the pointer went upwards and story progressed up to the next level board. I received no reward for the level I had supposedly passed (when in reality I hadn’t passed it at all).

Please, reverse this to me just losing level 33 so I can play again and win or lose normally. I want to actually win it and get the rewards (the dragon card).

I only want for the story to progress normally, without further bugs.

I have sent the to your support account as well, did so first, but there was no response, or change, from yesterday. (I sent twice yesterday on this topic, and another this noon.)

Please, consider helping any time soon.

You need to.conta t support. Thisnis a known bug

I have. I have sent them a report, and as there was no response, I sent a new mail (reply) and decided to come here about the issue, too.

It takes a while for support to respond, it’s irritating I know, but just wait awhile, it might take about up to 4 days or less for them to get back to you.

I see, okay. It’s just that this time there’s no getting around the glitch, and it’s on the regular/story quests. This practically means I cannot do anything to progress story, or even use the repeatable quest in there to level up my dragons, until they get back to me and fix it.

I’ve had this happen at the end of woodlands, my ticket has been in 2 days and no response yet, it’s just a matter of being patient.

Update: this issue has been resolved. I was given the lost awards by the support team, case closed. :slight_smile: