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FAiled to Join Alpha Battle after new update (1.14)

I suspect you’ve hit the nail on the head. Until it hits their bottom line, there’s not much incentive to fix this quickly.

So, we need to ask ourselves a few questions…am I giving them money? Why? Is this the sort of customer service I expect as a paying customer?

I stopped giving them money last year due to unfixed issues and am seriously considering ceasing to play at all. And I’ve been playing since launch.

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The Alpha battle is truly off the rails this morning - when I first looked we had defeated a 6-star. When I came back to the game a few hours later, it now shows 4 and 5 star Alphas escaped, only displays New Name as having played, and has everyone except for two members of the clan at zero points. What is happening?!

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I play this game with my wife and two kids. There are several families in my clan too. My kids don’t want to play anymore because of the state of the game. It’s sad, because this used to be a family activity. Thanks Ludia for ruining your game!


Wow, and I thought I was a cynic. The issue though, is that they should have SOME pride in and responsibility for their product, right? At least have the courtesy to fix a few bugs before putting out yet another dragon they want us to pay $100 for. That would make at least a little sense…

And FYI Ludia, your “fix” yesterday didn’t help. I got this from the alpha today:

Completely locked up on me. I couldn’t even get auto-play to work. Had to flee yet again, and then shut down the game, then my phone, and after I restarted everything, I’d lost all my alpha energy once again.


As I thought, contact support and get useless compensation: 3 alpha energy and 50 keys to make up for a week of stress. At least give everybody trust points for Fallfest Toothless. I don’t need it, but I’m sure a lot of people are struggling to reach 3k trust points because of all the issues that occurred in the last week.

I think you should compensate everyone and not just the ones who have sent in a ticket to support because these issues affected everyone.


And I locked up again this morning. For no reason. Just all of a sudden I can’t do anything. Can’t move tiles, can’t use autoplay (which is worthless, by the way, but 17k is still better than nothing!)

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still silence…

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Hey Vikings: [Maintenance] Titan Uprising | Alpha Battles Deactivation - October 9, 2020


Wow that sounds like really crazy… You’ve got it even worse for it.

Pride doesn’t solve anything… A sense of duty and respect, does. A company has to respect its customers to keep them. Gotta be responsible…

Finally, today I see a maintenance! And a notice


We have struggled some more with the bugs, but not as terrible as others… We have 1 person locked out in our 3rd clan and I wasn’t able to do Alpha battles at all for 2-3d on my second account. Then I was able to, but the error kept insisting too so I had time only for halfways. Apparently you can not be able to fight even if you don’t lose the bolts.

The error 327 took a bolt off me personally only once. On my main account.

Claiming Alpha, opening chest etc, has been causing the game to crash… On my main account I opened an empty Alpha chest once - and that during the event. I am settling with the 400 keys handed to all, have already gotten 2/3 on the yellow Toothless (though it cost way more because, surprise, all this keeping busy with bugs messed with my gameplay).
The “claiming” bug is on both accounts and many of us have it… The buttons become so tough to press and when they do, error 317 comes up - along with the message “An unknown error occurred”. The rewards themselves, they usually register - usually.

I want to hope this maintenance will solve all game-breaking issues related to clans and Alphas. Especially Alphas. So that the wait will be… worth it.

And in the meantime, I wonder why the wait is for a week :thinking:

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Also, here your link says “Arena Deactivation”. It may need a bit of editing.

Thanks for updating us. :+1:

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THANK YOU FOR HEARING US, LUDIA! The alpha arena seems to be MUCH better now!