Failed to log in to the server. error

I’m getting this error. Anyone else? I use apple login.


I’m also getting that error. That’s why I just got on the forums to see what’s going on. I use apple log in to.

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Same issue with mine too, hopefully it’ll be sorted soon :weary:

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(post deleted by author)

You should delete that picture. Your post got flagged and I’m pretty sure it is because we can see your support code. I’m not positive but I think somebody could steal your account with the support code mr late game.

Well, the post was flagged so I don’t have to worry about that :woozy_face:

We can still see the post with one click so you actually do. Pretty much everyone clicks on it. I saw it.

I’m having the same issue! Any updates?

Mine is working and letting me log in now.

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All of you try yours and see if you can get in.

I’m back in too.

Good. Im gonna assume the problems fixed for everyone then.

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It’s happening all over ludia. Same issues is circulating in JWA

Phew. Thank god no one has touched my park yet

I’m getting a different error message, but the game has been failing to boot for me today.

What it is it. If you didn’t already contact Ludia you should. You’ll have to email them since you can’t log in. Don’t forget to send your support code with it. You probably already know all that but just in case.