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Failed to login into the server

currently playing this game with iOS and I haven’t logged in for 2 days because it says “failed to login into the server”, despite my internet connection is fine. please help to fix.

Had this problem once. Unfortunetely the solution was waiting…

I missed so much for the event tho’. how long did you wait ?
I’ve been waiting for 3 days now.

First time it took almost one day. Then in the flowwing day I got the same problem but after some hours it started to work again. Never nad this problem again unless I am too far way from my internet router and I actually have no internet

I’ve emailed support a week ago and got a reply 2 days after emailing got some message that looked like it was premade and they asked for my support key I replied and told them my key haven’t heard back Since and sent another email with my support key and everything else to support and haven’t heard since if anyone knows how to fix it or had someone tell them please lmk

@Ned can any assistance be provided for @Giovanni_Castillo?

Thanks, Sionsith!

@Giovanni_Castillo, could you please check your junk/spam email and see if there is a response there? If not, please send me a private message of your support key and the email address you used to contact our team. I would be happy to check on this for you. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t how to make a private message but I think I figured it out @ned so you should have what you asked for

When replying to the email from support do I reply to the email or send another email to support

reply to the email

Have you tried going into Settings / Applications and in Jurassic World you hit Force Detection?

Where would I find that in setting im on APPLE

I use Android, Apple I have no idea because I do not have.

If I wanted to change the way I login how would I do that from the login screen

Just to see what it was like I downloaded Jurassic world alive and I can play that game but still not Jurassic world the game Why?

Same thing happened to me. Already on my 2nd day already cant login. Emailed them on my 1st day, but still no reply. Any solution guys