Fails and wins

soo i have seen a lot from other apps of we can put our lucky and unlucky stuff that happend.

for example:

the time i want to dart an epic for uniques

wait, is the taunt event still there?

Ardentismaxima has taunt

Why’d you cut out the level and dna?

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nothing,and its not cut i just put a black bar on it

Lol, are you afraid of being judged? Don’t worry no ones going to judge you here. We have players from every level of gameplay here, people with level 30s, people with level 15s,and even new players who think epics are OP!

And putting a black bar over something is literally cutting

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epic are rare to see.i dart only the creatures i need and i have almost have an indominus cuz i dart the raptors.anyway the cut you see is a level 13 and brachiosaurus.they appear rarely but i dont have the bucks to buy epic scent.sorry for the cut i was over protecting myself from players who are gonna plan to takedown my team in arcadia

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i only buy the ones that only need 60 bucks

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