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Fair and Balanced Matchmaking

It seems this is the way most of the battles go for me these days in the new meta. Matchmaking at its finest. :rofl:

Mine are usually the first. Occasionally I get one takedown before being obliterated

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i am now using a lot of dodge/cloak to at least finish some dino and get daily reward.

the more ludia put hands on matchmaking system, the more it gets crazy (and random oriented).

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The way I throw out my team in play, my opponent always at least gets one on the occasions I have 3 other good dino’s but on the loosing side, the 0-3 are rare. I at least get one of theirs.

Yeah, I used to get at least one - and still usually do honestly. Getting more and more of these lopsided games, however, with the boosts.

Totally @AndreMR. I used to be pretty RNG at Ruins and above. Now it seems almost totally RNG. Have never been to Aviary, so cannot speak for that level.

This makes me think about a thing…

If matchmaking becomes so complex, and consider so many things, like trophies, dino level, boost, etc, etc… and makes 2 players match so balanced, that both start to run to random moves to un-balance the battle again to win?

If 2 players are SO EQUAL, little difference made by strategy, isn’t it? Because they are at the end using almost same dinos. At least in a game with SO MANY random elements, like critical, dodge, cloak, team selected, etc.

To match this very balanced way, movements could be less random, or we could select our own 4 dinos.

This is why i suggested boosts different according to rarity. This could bring some diversity again to game, instead of facing same dinos every battle.

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It is interesting… I had thought boosts were meant to bring other dinos up so they could compete and add diversity. Unfortunately most (not everyone) is applying them to the same set of dinos that ruled previously - me included. Yes, a strategy of being able to how boosts could be used and on what would help the game at the higher arena levels.

“run to a boosting journey to desperately keep your same current team competitive and stay at your current teophies/arena… or pay to go beyond.”