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Fair play not working

When will y’all be bring back fair play. Also I have noticed that battles are with bots and not other players. Out of the last 6 battles I’ve had. 5 were bots and 1 was an actual person. When battling bots. They always have higher ranking Dino’s and Dino’s that are not equal to the players line up. This is not a fair play. Thank you

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I completely agree with you, I’ve done 30 battles beyond my 4 incubators, and you can watch at the bottom of your friend’s list if it was a bot or a real person. 19 of those battles were from bots with higher levels and stats. So actually I only battled 11 people. One thing that this has taught me? How to strategize against the opposite dino with what I have. Sometimes I win, sometimes I get my rear kicked because I left the dino in game to still try and beat the attacker, when I should have pulled it out and put something else in. It’s simply a learning process.

Do you higher levels play against a lot of bots or more people?

How do you know if its not?

What arena are you in?

It should go:

Up to but not including Aviary, 2 losses puts you against AI. You fight AI until you win. After the win, you are back to actual players until you lose 2 again.

Lockwood Estate and up if no player is found within 30 seconds, you have the option to fight AI, but without trophy exchanges.

On my smaller account, I only face AI if I lose twice. On my main account, I only face AI if no one is around.

I have never seen a case where I was randomly put against AI without losing or the time-to-match was up.

Are you experiencing this after a double loss if under Aviary?

I laughed the other day when I faced AI with boosted dinosaurs. It was actually a little challenging until the AI got to its last two dinosaurs and then it quit attacking and did nothing but swap them until one of them was dead.

Parts of avairy are included in that double loss area… in my experience the cut off is around 4800 trophies.

I think that happens when you have 2 takedowns against AI. The last update was supposed to have solved that, but it still happens just about every time to me. Its fine to me though…if its close and AI starts doing this, it usually equals a win for me.

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I have never seen that. I play Aviary most of the time. I can lose and lose and get only players until I fall below 4500. That is not saying you are wrong…there seems to be odd differences in the game for some people some times. For instance, I am positive I used to be able to stack battle incubators 3 deep, now its only 2 with the third not starting until one of the stacked ones is collected. Many users said it had always been that way for them, but I am positive it was not that way for me. Many other users said they too used to be able to stack 3 deep.

I agree with you. Actually I would hate to lose to an AI team that is stronger than my team because it’s higher level and boosted. May as well be losing against mismatched opponents if that was the case.

I thought it was 3 consecutive losses or has that changed?

I get that fairly often and not just from AI opponents.

For me at least, it has always been 2 losses in a row prompts an AI fight on my next battle, if I am under Aviary of course…

Maybe it has changed then and I’ve not noticed.

Does anyone battling against AI use Dracoceratops? If so, then you are the problem.

Use of the rat has driven away over 1/2 the user base and there aren’t enough players in the Arena for consistent matchups.


If the arena is what it is, people won’t play in it.

If you have updates that devalue boosts the way the last one did, people will stop playing the game, full stop. I shudder to think about how many just left the game after 1.10 landed.

If you continually create op dinos like Indoraptor gen2, Ardentismaxima, and the the two rats, people won’t want to battle, and you’ll end up having to play AI because that’s all that you can face. Unless you want to wait ages and ages for another poor soul to be in the same position as you.