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Fair play policy/ Alliance Recruitment policy

Have some questions & suggestions for support on a serious matter! Please help

Post what they are and they might be able to help.

Probably, an alliance requiring players to join discord which is a third party app which refering people to third party apps and sites is against the fair play policy.


This is true, but generally done because the in game chat is…well…bad to put it lightly.

Hopefully one day they fix it so its useable and I guess Discord wouldnt be needed.

I do agree though that having players chat via third party things can lead to issues, because what if the member is a child? I know I wouldnt want my son in some of the conversations ive had on Discord lol.

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No more or less solicitation to move my best players to a secondary alliance & disband mine!!

Not much you can do.

Are you the leader?

Recruit new players. Only you can disband your alliance. Battle, when you find a player without an alliance, invite them to yours. Post in the alliance thread to recruit new peeps.

If not, start your own, join a better one or join the ones leaving.

It happens, sorry to hear about that.


Yes I agree with that & only wish to have Lydia’s fair play updated to include Alliance Recruitment specific to this type of thing:) support has contacted me & I will let them handle this. Thanks to all who comment!:slight_smile:

To be honest, the way my alliance uses Telegram and its limitations to what we actually need, the in game chat will never be good enough.

Being bug free would make it equal to a 1990s era chat room. Good place to talk but lacks the functions to share info and set expectations.

Telegram only allows pinning of 1 message. Most alliances now have entire pages of rules and expectations on top of the weekly game plan. Different chats for different things.

Discord allows more functionality so I see why its used.

The in game chat if debugged would be more of a reset day coordination and update medium. It cannot negate the use of Discord or Telegram. If it can, Ludia would be a messaging service operator not a games developer. Given its ability in both, it should stick to actual gambling games.

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