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Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there was a dino who nobody wanted and everyone considered him as “carcass “.
One day he woke up and discover that his name meaned Dragon King, fairy godmother granted him a special power that no other dino had not even legendary or uniques.
It was like a dream come true , he passed from being useless to used in the highest arena even by the top players with the greatest dino’s of the game.
Such powerful was the new movement that everyone started complaining about his power and requested a nerf.

How will the story end?


Dragon King was never nerfed and his DNA became hard to come by. Other creatures became just as powerful, but he practiced and kept his edge. And everyone lived happily ever after…


He will be nerfed… will most likely lose his swap in rampage. Those that spent coins leveling him will cry for their coins and dna back. Ludia will say nothing. Possible unique from dracocera that now has this move. Realize you spent the last two months of a beta test by ludia to determine that moves effective ness.

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fairy godmother be like “yeet” just get locked down for an extra turn and Dragon King be like :neutral_face:


Obviously he used his power to seduce young cera pronounced sarah from the land before time. And after many many maaaany time of procreation a few hacked scandal tapes and a few position that most people only read about *and are illegal in many states (Utah) had a child. And is now on child support. Which is why his leveling has gotten so expensive and his DNA much rarer.

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Current thinking is that Dracorex (and Stigimoloch) aren’t distinct species’ and the existing specimens are probably juvenile Pachycephalosaurus. Yet we still don’t have Pachy in the game, despite it’s appearance in the movie.

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This made me laugh way too much lol :joy:

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Actually, the current evidence is pointing in a direction that Dracorex is likely a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus, but Stygimoloch seems like it’s own thing. It could be just another species of Pachycephalosaurus, but not the however you spell wyomongiensis right. But it is also possible it still deserves a separate genus.


Cinderella lost her gown and carriage at midnight

Aladdin was found out to be a fraud

The hyenas learned that Scar wasn’t their true savior

… the carcass’s time will come soon enough.


Haha, positivity peeps! @LIAS thanks for the fun post!


I was hoping the story would continue. I thought it was just story time… didn’t even realize what it was really about til towards the end.
Write me another!


The dinosaur got nerfed because most people on this forum want the dino to be bad.

The end


The Dragon King got its tail handed to it by a little velociraptor by the name of Delta. And it cried whee whee whee all the way home. …And Delta ate all its porridge.

The end.


“Dragon King” was again “crazy goat” after being nerfed :slight_smile: