Fake PvP

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that all this PvP stuff doesn’t seem real at all. At least I’m not playing against real players. On the one hand it would be a very strange coincidence that I always have the first move, on the other hand I never meet max-level dinosaurs. And I think everyone agrees that there is enough fodder to have at least the most important dinos at the highest level of their respective evolution-stage.

So there are really only two options: Either everything to do with PvP is just staged and total nonsense, or the game draws average values ​​and simulates a PvP match based on comparable players and their dinosaurs. That seems very complex to me, but that’s what I’m assuming at the moment.

However, it is particularly annoying that a disconnect leads to losing the game. In PvE battles you can go back to the interrupted game - this is not possible in PvP.

How do you experience that? Am I missing another option or am I completely wrong?


You have noticed correctly: in PvPs you will only fight against AI, not real players. I would suggest to you to search the Forum a bit as that topic have been covered numerous times already - it will be easy to find answers to all/most questions you might have.


You have just touched a fresh wound of mine. As a 2 years and a bit much of a player, I agree with your every single word.

Sadly the first one, it is total nonsense. Time consumption at its worst. We have a fast forward option in every part of a casual PvE but when it comes to tourneys or volunteer actions, PvP becomes a waiting game rather than a challenge. You need to have really strong nerves to hold on to that. On top of it, that timer goes down to zero. How awesome. :expressionless:

Just today, I had 2 or 3 disconnections and many more of "near miss"es. No exaggeration no nothing, I wondered and calculated. Total time I use in a match (FMF, all the moves and decisions included) is maximum 10 secs when I’m fully focused. 10 secs! I’ve even seen 6 secs in some cases. And I even calculate to minimize the number of attacks needed, to avoid a long attacking animation can you believe this? And on the other hand, our “so called” opponent waits, waits and waits. Even for an obvious move! It uses minimal 10 secs for each round, 15 for most of the cases.

Let me shape this into a much clarified version, when I turn back to the choosing screen, my two Tuajis that I use as fodders, usually have 1 min 40 smth secs to go if I don’t speed up the cooldowns. And despite of all those “unnecessary” spin wheel or climbing in the charts animations. Mine 10 secs, AIs… 3 soul devouring minutes! When you play 20 matches in a row, you lose an hour just because of that. Instead of 10-15 minutes. Oh man. :thought_balloon:

That really irritates me. Words are insufficient to describe this. At least here at the forums. :man_facepalming:t2:

@filip1971 is just right, this is not new. Even we had some really funny debates over these are being real or just scripted and you should’ve seen how some of the players are convinced as if they were battling against some realtime opponents. :thought_balloon:

Nonetheless, I’ll be creating a topic, a poll actually, in the near future just to see how many of us really want this to end once and for all. Ludia does it or not, but I wonder about the numbers.


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Since 2020 or shortly before, the battles are against AI or bots (perhaps even before, I started playing at the end of 2019), however it was not until the middle of that year that I stopped having tournament battles starting 2nd.

Until a few months ago also the images against the rivals only show the JWTG icon.

Fake pvp is nothing new.


I was playing in August 2018, and the PVP, especially in tournaments, was definitely staged then. At one point, I wondered if the dinosaurs were real even though the PVP was not, but there are too many creatures at oddball levels. Some of the older-timers swear that PVP was real at the beginning of the game and others swear it was never real. Personally, I don’t see Ludia changing the mechanics of the game in such a fundamental way to eliminate real PVP if such a thing ever actually exisited. But I could be wrong

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I’ve played since launch- it was always vs AI.

IIRC back at launch Ludia got backlash that there was no PvP in the game, only PvE events. Thus they cobbled together “PvP”. It gave the illusion of fighting other players, which later evolved into tournaments where the top “100” players in a “region” would unlock a tournament Dino.

The reason why PvP is just an illusion with facing bots is because this game was not built with the PvP netcode (the back-end connection to servers that allows players to connect to other players) nor do I think it can support it without a major overhaul to the code. This is why Alive is all PvP based, because that game was designed from the ground up to be geared towards PvP.

The integration with FB profile pics is because of the FB connection API, where it already has access to FB pics because of the allowed connection. Thus it just takes a little bit of code and RAM memory to fool actual players into waiting 4 seconds to find a match where an enemy “player” brought 3 dinos at a random levels with no meta strategy (like Carnivore-Ptera-Carn, FMF, FMM, 3 attack 1 block, etc) within a mode titled “PvP”.

I joined shortly after launch, before PvP was added (and remembered the backlash of there being no PvP), and it was always the same, minus the tweaks that Ludia has done to the mode(s). Back then everything was new, meta strats were taking a rudimentary form, and the power creep hadn’t begun yet.

When boosters were added that’s when the illusion of fighting other players faltered.

The “PvP” illusion or the disconnects? Nay to the PvP, yay to fixing the disconnects. We have Alive for the PvP, and I want to fix the code we have currently, not chase after a long list of potential ways this wouldn’t work 7 years after the game’s launch.


This post that you shared should be pinned on the main screen as a textbook information. I’m amazed by the details you share with us here. Not only from the perspective of an “all along adventurer” but also in terms of technical speaking. :clap:t2:

I think I’ve not totally clarified my overall intention. I would never ever want a “real time” PvP in the game. We have another game exactly as you say, just for this purpose only.

So what I’ve tried to say here (I could’ve missed the overall review part that I always do before posting something or right after. Out of the frustration seemingly.) was that Ludia should change that “so called” PvP structure into the normal PvE mechanism, that will allow us to play in the fast forward mode, quick pass the cutscenes and continue from where we stop due to a disconnection or a simple need for a pause, without losing time, resource and creatures.

The last one can be revised though, since the tourney atmosphere is built upon quick decision making. But we all have long memorized all the patterns and the possible outcomes, so why need that either?