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Fall 2019 Suggestions from an Expert

Greetings, this is my 2019 Fall suggestions Thread for Warriors of Waterdeep. As such, I relinquish any rights to these if added to the game and/or considered in any way. My sole purpose is to offer sight from the player side to attempt to improve our game experience. More suggestions that are indepth will be added at a later date, these are the primary areas of improvement or vulnerability acquired from months of playing.

Additionally, after speaking through private channels such as email and tweeting messages, staff has suggested I bring these suggestions here to the forums so they can be officially received, and experienced. Soo here it is:

  1. More Content. The invested player base has been farming everything for months now. We need more stuff to smash :wink:

  2. Alot of the budget has obviously been invested in graphics and the sprites for the characters and monsters and backgrounds. Can we add in custom avatars so we can make our character unique. Can we add weapon/armor customizations to add flair to get a feel of personalization, not just story cut cookie cutter universal images.

  3. Bestiary - have an interactive database of all monster fought and/or conquered, some to never be seen again? This could include stats, gear, etc. A reference tool or “Monster Manual” if you would.

  4. Speaking of bestiary, why not allow enemies to drop monster specific items? We fight tons of owlbears, why not drop pelts, beaks etc, that can be sold for golds or gems, and/or stored for an alchemy tab one day?

  5. Class specifics: Why doesnt the Cleric and/or Paladin have any special affinity for fighting undead. Turning undead is a key spiritual aspect of those classes. It should be included.

  6. As for the feel of the game, raising levels is sooooo videogame like. In DND throughout history, each classlevel upgrade is a milestone, by level 9 - they are considered heroes of the land. Getting to 11-12, let alone 14 or 15 should take forever, and come with varying levels of autonomy not just dungeon crawl.

  • Can we add a guild system
  • Can we expand on “Renown” besides just packs
  • Can we add in a map, overworld, and societal interactions, maybe even vaults, robberies, daily and weekly quests, things that make us feel our characters matter.
  1. Can we make the game truly tactical? Having 12 or 16 spaces we can mobilize around is just not enough for this day and age, let along DnD. Games and Companies have done it, why cant we with such a heavy duty name brand.

  2. Why limit us to just gold? Lets get silver, copper, and platinum in here! Have varying uses, research, upgrades, branches for specializations etc.

  3. Revamp the chest situation. Personally i’ve invested a ton and find it ill rewarding to still get commons en masse and rares from almost every chest. The first month we had waaay better rewards coming out of these, it almost feels like being exploited.

  4. VIP chests that have that fill up bar, and vip count, needs to account for something more, it doesnt feel appropriate atm. Having that bar fill up, should mean something.

The first fill up: a ton of commons
The second fill up: a ton of rares
The third fill up: a few epics
The fourth fill up: a legendary (or 2)

And for each consecutive month of VIP the rewards of these are increased a bit, culminating down the road. We should feel like VIPs, not people being taken advantage of.

  1. Paladin needs to be reviewed, she is VERY underwhelming, especially after such a marketing event, and doesnt even feel like a Paladin, as another thread stated - shes more like a fighter and the fighter is more paladin like tbh. She also cant heal party members, which makes no sense for a Paladin. its been that way forever, and still exists in 5E, its the staple of a paladin - laying on of hands.

  2. Include an “auto-battle” feature. This will remove alot of the shadier activities of some players, and make it more enjoyable for new and veterans. Things like: Can your team make it to the end on just generic attacks" etc can be fun! It will also allow some to play more, or do other things so they are not so screen focused for small roi. This is a highly desired feature and makes sense.

  3. IN pvp, please do not make us fight unlimited bots anymore. Let live players face live players.

  4. In pvp, also - pleease randomize bot gear setups. Fighting the same teams and gear loadouts is killing your game and ive seen so many leave because of this. Diversify. it will also prevent consistent game breaking encounters like Ranger bots 1 turn kill all.

  5. Give the bosses BETTER AI. The Red Dragon fight is for a 5 year old. The patterns are super easy, and reduce the wow factor of fighting a red dragon. Theyre not dumb, Dragons are exceptionally intelligent.

  6. Statistical Increases to core stats (strength, wisdom) need to happen at specific level ups as per 5e Rules. The same goes for talent acquisition. This can be an exceptional area to further customize each character, allowing us not to just be fighting cookie cutter style in pvp too.

  7. Thief - stealing. Like today, please. Steal items, steal gold, etc. Even a little will eventually go a long way - especially with paying customers. If we have a thief, lets use the thief.

  8. Add in downtime. After a hero is knocked out in battle, or eliminated in pvp, have a cooldown before use. Allow characters like cleric and paladin to impact those cooldowns.

  9. This is a far reach, but allow us to customize who is who. Allow racial features, so the halfling makes sense to be thief, not fighter etc.

  10. Just add more content, we likely wont care what it is, as long as we can do more. Adding alchemy, spell research, gear upgrades, alternate gear research, etc will go a long way.

  11. Allow cross equipment equip. The fighter can use halberds etc. Also allow weapons like halberds to have reach, aka attack a second square away (range melee attack)

  12. Traps, include less obvious traps for players and enemies, and allow the thief to interact with them.

  13. Hoping next hero is a DRUID and has ability to Transform. Choosing a Totem of choice would be alot of fun too, but please - Druid.

Ill add more, thats it for now, prob over 100 to come!


I’d say no to most of these. I have no desire for guilds. It just increases the P2W of the game though I am sure they are coming for that reason.

I would like more explore content, and the ability to replay explore levels after you’ve beaten them.

The bots do need to be fixed. If nothing else at least put me up against the same levels as I am having to use so if I get one 12, one 10, and two 9s then the bots do too instead of me getting those levels and the bots getting four 12s. I’d like to see PvP also make it so that both teams have Halbanet or don’t have him. Regen is too big of a factor to let one side have it and one side not. Otherwise give us some other character who cast regen. Tommus needs to be weakened.

I have often thought about the turn undead for Halbanet and the new Paladin. I could settle for just doing extra damage versus undead. That said let’s also give the ranger a favored enemy such as humanoid, aberrations, or oozes.

New enemies. Please make a beholder as the boss if we get more explore content.

A gnome character would be great. Yall seem to focus on pairing classes up with different races than usual so he could be that second cleric character. It’s a crying shame to get crap like tieflings and halfdragons in the game before gnomes. Heck they should have been before half-orcs. Also a dwarf fighter please.

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, Xx_YESPA_xX!

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@Xx_YESPA_xX Most of those ideas are just ways to make the game easier or cheaper for you. Like handing you free high level gear in VIP chests. Subscriptions are to give you bonuses and extra chances. If they were guaranteed chests how could they sell ya more stuff?

They don’t need to update characters they just need to release new gear for them. It would be nice someday to see multiple legendary gear options in each slot of each character. You want your paladin to have undead bonuses how about a weapon that does exactly that added?

Auto battle? Gettin’ lazy? Definitely not required. As for downtime for defeated characters? Yeah, so they can add in a gem cost to skip that timer? Definitely wouldn’t be liked by most.

Expanded content, ok now ya got my attention. I would love another explore map and I’m hoping it’ll be Skullport and filled with the drow.

As for expanding the bestiary I’d like to see a Displacer Beast at some point.

Here’s my thoughts about your suggestions, with comments.

In agreement:

I mean, I don’t think anyone disagrees with this point.

Would be a nice homage to the tabletop game and very common in games already anyways.

Secret chests should really scale with difficulty of room, rather than explore mode progress. Explore mode seems to award chests of random quality that also doesn’t conform to dungeon difficulty. D&D treasure is also fairly random, but at least their loot tables in the DMG makes sense.

I agree that the increase from leveling it up is fairly underwhelming. Also, it should be once a day, rather than based on how many chests collected.
Your proposed table seems overly generous. The primary benefit from VIP are the cards, which are always gold or gem, the VIP arena chest and access to VIP events. There’s never any occasion where the VIP is just given a legendary or epic (except for promos or sign-up bonuses).

I can get behind this. Doesn’t seem terribly hard to implement.

This would make it a more varied experience. I’m fine if the gear has different weights on it.

I’ve already commented on how a diversity of resources is against player’s and developer’s interests. However, I think that being able to specifically work towards an item with crafting via gold/gem/timer investment would be a worthwhile addition so that players don’t reply on RNG to obtain specific gear.

Neutral/low priority:

I don’t see custom avatars as high priority in terms of cost-benefit analysis, as the price to consumers would need to cover the development costs of the alternative art and rendering, and I’m unsure if the userbase of this game is large enough to support these type of cosmetic upgrades.

Class ability change-up seems like a very daunting task. That being said, new abilities via equipment would probably be the easiest way to introduce. However, new equipment would pose the issue of more art assets. It’d also be a headache for players for collecting these new hypothetical items. Seems doable but requires opening a can of worms.

I’m not sure where you’re going with this.

I mean weeklong quests/events might be fun. We already have daily quests. The whole map, overworld part seems to be against the design philosophy of the Explore mode, which is linear storyline with a one-time reward.

The easiest thing would be to implement limited time Explore mode events using pre-existing dungeons and enemies, but scaled to higher level. Imagine, for example, level 15-18 Sharpstone Keep enemies, etc. It recycles content that already exists but the devs can add in additional abilities or twists to the bosses for minimal development cost. This, of course, would be a stop gap measure because I imagine it would get stale much faster than original content.

I mean I’m not opposed, but I don’t see it adding a terrible amount of value to the experience.

Seems like a personal preference thing. Druids probably would appeal to a female playerbase if my tabletop experience is anything to go by.


Fewer resources is better than more diverse resources. It streamlines resource collection and makes the barrier to entry for the game lower.

I’m with @Horke on this.[quote=“Xx_YESPA_xX, post:1, topic:104569”]

This seems like it requires a lot of rejigging. Reach isn’t a thing, only range really matters. Positioning only matters for push/pull effects. Also, I suspect that the game logic was built with the 4-space width constraints in mind. I suspect this would take a lot more effort to implement than you anticipate.

Paladin fills more of a glass cannon role from my understanding, which is a departure from D&D. But this isn’t D&D, and it isn’t really trying at all to reproduce D&D. (Check out the rogue-like Incursion to scratch that itch).

I enjoy facing bots. Keeps this game PvE, and it means I don’t have to throw money at it to enjoy it.

But that would render my guide useless. Also, I enjoy feeling like I’m outsmarting a dragon.

The fantasy in this suggestion doesn’t quite fit. You’re killing all the enemies and looting their corpses. Stealing from the dead doesn’t do anything.

However, I think that thieves should have an increased chance to detect secret doors in explore mode/challenges.

Seems exploitable. Like by putting in an NPC you want sidelined into range to be killed.

Seems like it’s against the design philosophy.

Sure thing Ned! Ill try to expand on these more in the future!

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Hi guys. Lot of good ideas and it’s nice to see people putting thought into their suggestions. I’ve been playing the game for less than a month, but have been enjoying myself. I do hope that Ludia and the developers continue to develop the game and give us fresh content from time to time. I imagine everyone hopes for this, but regardless, nice to see players care enough to give their opinions.

My only suggestion is on the Explore tab (or maybe a new World tab). I thought it would be fun if there was more of a world to explore, but a world with set paths which lead to new towns in order to buy/sell more powerful gear - or just new destinations in general. To get to these new destinations, you would have to fight your way there like it is now going through the dungeons. And then once at a town, maybe occasionally dungeons could be “discovered” as an off-shoot from the town (this could be events). And once at a town, you have to fight your way back to already visited towns but against lessor foes.

Not sure I thought this out completely, but my hope is that the game will continue to evolve. It is in everyone’s best interest that it does. Thanks to everyone who contributes in this forum - fun to read the posts.