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Fall into a Great Alliance- IslaSornaTimeshareCo

What we are looking for:
-10 kills in tourney every week

  • active in pvp battling and maintaining a trophy count
    -active regularly in game, not out for days at a time each week
    -willing to follow sanc rules

What we offer:
-9/8 to 10/9 weekly mission rewards

  • tier 7+ for tourney championships
    -2 level 20 sancs with a co-op team
  • 90+ Raid friends in the Islas and 300+ more raid friends amongst the co-op teams
    (successful Morty and Pyrri runs weekly)
    -International/All day active players to team up with

We don’t accept blind requests so please message me if you’re interested in becoming part of the Islas team and experiencing the magic!



Great alliance name! lol

Thank you for your kind words. Lydia forced me write more than just “thanks!”