Fallen Kingdom

Just did stage 1 on my main and guest accounts there’s no Pterosaur’s for my guest it had 8 to fight 1 Aquatic the rest were 3 Carnivore’s and 4 Herbivores and my main had 9 to fight the same but with 2 Aquatics.

2nd round is mainly Pterosaurs , carnivores and Herbivores

I would like to confirm with my results. Carnivores, herbivores, and amphibians are in round one. Carnivores, herbivores, and pterosaurs are in round 2

Amphis this time? Uggh, sounds a lot harder than the last one of these, for yet another so-so pack (but a really nice statue). I suck as these events that require killing a lot of opponents.

Was definitely tough i did first round with carni,amphi & carni and 2nd round with carni,amphi,& herbi and just managed.

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If anyone has a particular strategy in doing these, I sure could use some tips. It seems like my guesses at when the AI is going to reserve, block or hit are so often wrong. It’s frustrating as I’ve gotten to where I almost never lose in any of the other events and very rarely in PvPs (usually just due to losing track of my count) but I definitely struggle with these.

If I can get a kill shot on the opening round, I’ll take it. When I have class advantage, I get my reserve up to 4, usually as quickly as possible. I reserve and block until the AI only has 2 blocks. It’s a slow process. I do tend to sacrifice attack for health when selecting creatures. I will not swap a neutral to gain advantage for one round although I will almost always swap away from a disadvantage (being able to get a kill shot on round 1 and then having at least neutral status being the major exception). If I have the advantage but the next round gives me a disadvantage, I may swap before I attack.

I try to preserve my lineup, so as I said, it’s a slow process. However, once you see what that last creature is, all bets are off.

Hope this helps


Thanks, those are some good tips. What kind of class lineup did you use for this? I watched some YouTube videos on previous stampede events, seems like a lot of people lose them so at least I’m not alone in struggling with them!

On round 1, I led with my carnivore (usually do that), then amphibian, and lastly pterosaur. On round 2, I again led with my carnivore, followed by my amphibian and herbivore. My round 2 did start off with a pterosaur, but I can’t remember what the 2nd creature was, nor can I remember how round 1 started off.

Round 1 was H,A,C,C,H,H,C,A,H
Round 2 P.C.H,C,C,C,P,P,H

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Thanks for the help, I was able to get through both rounds on the first try. Was down to my last dino each time, but got it done.

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Glad I was able to help