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Falling hundreds of trophies lower since the big update

Ever since the last big update where we lost all of our boosts…All I do is lose!!! With the way the new boosts were jacked up to 100 I was only able to put few boosts back in place, at a much lower level. I thought, oh well, everyone else is in the same boat so it’s even. Before the update, I was consistently in the 3700-3800 trophy range. I have continued to fall and now am at about 3200. Has anyone else having this happen? It’s getting pretty frustrating to continuously lose, after all the time investment spent strategically boosting pre-update. Not fun to play lately.

My swing is abt 200+ trophies quite consistently. Battling in lower library, I guess not as bad compared to lower arenas?

Eventually you will lose as much as you win. There is always a number that you stabilize at. Maybe it’s 3200. You’re not gonna keep dropping, you won’t go down to 2000 if that’s what you’re afraid of :slight_smile:

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I actually improved my trophy account after that boost reset, I want to think boost had a bigger impact in the arena than they have now , that’s why I usually lost against lower level dinos with tons of boost.

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I’ve gone down almost 500-600 in about a month since update. My dinos were moderately boosted before, nothing major, so it’s been surprising to me!

my highest this season was 5674, but now hanging on around 5300+ trophies. Not even sure how I hit that high in the first place lol, could be early season resetting.
But I think boosts could be one of the reason, if you don’t boosts constantly while other players do so, you are bound to drop trophies sooner or later as they catch up or surpass you.

I went from 5100 to 5300 since the boost 2.0 introduction. Took me a while to get good wins but once things had settled I saw the improvement.

I went from 4900 to 5500 but I don’t know if climbing the rankings is due to boosts 2.0 or the lack of active players.

For me normal is play 5 battles lose 3 and win 2 i can´t make a progress

Yeah, this is working well, Lydia