False advertisement


I purchased the

I purchased the legendary incubator and it did NOT unlock a legendary creature as clearly advertised. It only gave me enough DNA to upgrade the stegodeus I already had. THATS IT! I want my money back.


How many stegodeus dna did it give you?


It says enough dna to unlock a creature, not that it will be of a creature you need unlocked. 200 is enough to unlock Stegodeus, just bad luck that you already had it. Not false advertisement.


Not indeed, but you need to be extremely careful to those who master word game


You actually paid $5000 to get it? Whatever made you do it?


Was also thinking of purchasing, but was afraid I would end up with Monolometrodon DNA, so decided to sit back and relax!


I recieved somewhere in the 200s. Just enough to level me up and then some.


No. If it says “unlock” then that implies that the creature shouldve been locked. Otherwise state “unlock or upgrade”.


Stupidity apparently. I’ve been playing this game from inception. I play it all day on and off and have found it so hard to find quality DNA unlock more legendaries. I guess that’s the angle that Ludia takes to get you to buy.


How many coins did you get from the incubator?


YOU are inferring, incorrectly at that, THEY are clearly stating.
200 dna is enough to unlock any Legendary creature. It also says “Level-up your collection.” So if we’re playing your implying game, with those words they implied that it isn’t guaranteed to be one you need unlocked.


Gives 15k coins…


:joy::joy::joy: says 200 legendary dna, gets 200 legendary dna

crys false advertisement

I cant stop laughing


I took the gamble as been slow on the legendaries recently, 200 Indominus which was enough to take indoraptor to 24… not complaining :slight_smile:


I like the way you rephrased it :rofl::rofl:


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Who is a spoofer?


Dude seriously think about it!

How much does it cost to UNLOCK a Legendary creature?

200 is it not?

How much Legendary DNA did you get?

200 did you not?

I’ve been on the false advertisement bandwagon myself plenty of times, but this, oh my god, this is spot on advertising. You got what was stated on the screen. If you can’t even see and understand that then there’s no point in trying to make you understand.


Clearly the original postet was referring to the words “unlock legendary”, which means unlocking a new legendary that he has not yet have or “unlocked”. Since he already has or unlocked a stegodeus, he was not expecting legendart dna that was already unlocked for him. He was probably expecting legendary dna for a legendary dino that he hasn’t created yet or that he hasn’t “unlocked” yet. So i do understand the original poster’s frustration, misunderstanding and a claim for false-advertisement. Now let’s all hug, help each other and support our fellow-players in convincing Ludia to provide better rewards, especially when you pay for it.


I partially agree but then would be ruling out everyone who has unlocked all legendaries. Common sense would suggest 200 dna of any random leg.