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False advertisement


I’d gladly take 200 stego over something like monolo any day… I understand this wasn’t op’s point, but I’m saying it could have been far, far worse.


Well I get the confusion over the wording, although it’s not really confusing tbh. If someone hasn’t heard of that type of advertising before then yeah I guess they’ll get confused.

However, for someone in the game to be at the stage of having already unlocked Stegodeus, which lets face it is not achievable without a pretty decent amount of time spent on the game, they should have a fairly good understanding of how incubators work.

Incubators NEVER give DNA based on what you own in your collection. Incubators give random DNA for random dinos, but are often themed around specific dinos.

The advert was clearly Ludia’s way of saying you are GUARANTEED minimum of 200 Legendary DNA because 200 is the lowest required to unlock a legendary. So they could have said a minimum of 200 legendary dna to reduce the confusion, but they didn’t. But there’s no fault in what they said.

Why would someone that is experienced enough in the game to be at the stage of Stegodeus think that the advertisement for that incubator meant that the incubator would look at your dino collection, identify which legendaries you don’t have unlocked and then give you THAT dna?


I bought 2.
Happy with both.
Price was too steep, but I did indeed unlock 2 legendary creatures each time, along with gaining a host of other Bobby Dazzlers.

Unlocked Stegod a long time ago.


It states there is enough to unlock.
It didn’t state it will unlock.
What if you had all available legendaries, would you expect it to create a NEW legendary just for you?
Give me a break.


“It states there is enough to unlock. It didn’t state it will unlock.”…wow… just wow. You are clearly a Marvel superhero with the amazing superpower of logic. I will from now on call you Captain Logics.


I prefer “Captain Obvious”.