False advertising by Ludia

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Bug Description: False advertising / bait and switch

Area is was found in: TapJoy offer task selection screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Receive in game JWA mail advertising a TapJoy offer of 100% more free game cash for completing tasks.
Step 2 - Click on JWA mail advertisement to go to TapJoy offers.
Step 3 - See that there is no increase to the rewards being offered.
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How often does it happen: False advertising of increased rewards for completing TapJoy offers has been occurring for several weeks.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 10

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Here are two screenshots that clearly outline the issue. One shows the mail we all received in game from JWA/Ludia advertising increased rewards for completing TapJoy offers. The other screenshot shows the TapJoy task selection list with standard reward amounts.
I didn’t want there to be any argument such as “the rewards are indeed increased, it’s just a visual glitch”. So I have highlighted an offer for 1 hard cash to clearly indicate, without a doubt, that there is no increase present to the reward amount. If the advertised offer was actually working, this amount would be increased to 2 hard cash.


I wouldn’t have thought it would show double on the tap joy list, that’s not an exclusive screen…
The salient point would be whether they pay you double what it says when you complete the task.

Dont believe these tapjoy offers…they are just scammers

They scammed me twice… got their mission complete and not providing reward

It actually does show the enhanced rewards on the task selection screen and in the individual offer screens as well, at least it used to when it was working.

On the left is an individual offer currently available with no enhanced rewards shown, despite the promotion of bonus rewards from the official JWA mail.

On the right is an individual offer that was available a few months ago with the same “100% more” promotion that is supposed to be active. You can clearly see that the basic rewards all have a strike through mark with the enhanced rewards listed as well.

Not a scam. I have successfully completed multiple offers. If you did not receive your reward, then you need to submit a ticket to TapJoy so they can investigate.

Installed app THROUGH tapjoy completed all missions as specified…and here is what you get

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:woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve never had a problem with them. I take screenshots at every step of the process so that I have proof just in case something goes wrong.

They are saying that app is not from tapjoy…i heard that game name for first time

In this case, it’s Tapjoy’s false advertising. However, Ludia might be able to contact them and ask them to not do false adverts on its own platform.

They don’t even work :joy:

Ummm, yes they do…